This is my first blog entry.

I haven’t spent a lot of time in the blog world, yet I’ve been reflecting more about blogging recently, and the possibilities that this vehicle provides.  A connection of so many people from different walks of life through Cyberspace – a reflection of our true nature, connected as One.  Each missive, every message speaking to our Souls, no matter what the subject, and having some calling.

Fortunately, I made a commitment in my Feminine Power Community to begin blog posting as part of a Destiny Project.  I chose the title of this post as a reminder – to me and to all those who read this message.  We never fully know what our words, gestures, expressions can do for another.  A simple thought, a beautiful picture may impact someone more than we could ever know.

As a child, I was quiet, reserved and introspective.  I was sensitive to others emotions, moods and energy.  At the age of 5, concerned about performance and keeping up with my older sister, I couldn’t remember how to spell “IS”.  I kept on visualizing it phonetically “IZ”, and knew that wasn’t correct.  I still remember the concerned look on my mother’s face as she was quizzing me.  And yet, through the years of finding the gifts and wisdom in my sensitivities and challenges, I have found the beauty and fullness of a Life that is meant to be discovered.  By aligning with nature and opening to our true (Divine) nature, we can all live with passion and love, finding balance and harmony in a life we deserve.

For the next 10 weeks, I will be posting stories that break through the limitations of what we only experience with our senses.  According to quantum physics, your world is pliable.  How you perceive the world is based on your own thoughts, concepts, feelings, beliefs.  Just as the act of observing can cause an electron to the be in a state of motion (wave) or a position (particle), your own focus changes what you see in the world.  What you see as solid– the chair you sit in, your car,  your home, your body– is 99.99% void space/energy.  So what would happen if you allowed yourself to be open to all possibilities, opened your own awareness to what is beyond what you feel, see, hear, smell and taste?  Be curious, in a place of wonder– ask “I wonder what is possible…?”

With those stories, I will also teach some powerful energetic, tools that will support you in becoming more aware of your subtle energies and how that connects with your nature.  May these inspirational stories, pictures and tools inspire you to step beyond the limitations of your mind and “be” empowered by what their heart knows is their true nature and potential.  There is a world of unlimited possibilities.  I look forward to hearing your stories and successes– and would love to share them with others in the future.

Life IZ- I am that.