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Our Mission is to empower, support and encourage individuals and groups to be more free, healthy, joyful and successful in all areas of their lives, through insight, inspiration and intentional action.

Empower People Ventures is a joint project of Loree Oberle-Edwards and Clifford Edwards.  We are a full service personal development organization.  We offer coaching, healing, mentoring and training for people who wish to make, or are currently making, major life changes. Using proven techniques, tools and understandings, we’ll help you to shift your perceptions, empower yourself, experience self-healing and overcome obstacles to create the life you desire.

Services for You:

  • Transformational Courses and Trainings
  • Individual Transformational Coaching
  • Leadership Mentoring and Coaching
  • Career Transition Coaching and Consulting
  • Healing Touch Services and Instruction
  • Tools and Techniques for Energy “Sensitives”
  • Meditation Instruction
  • Aromatherapy Services and Custom-made Products.

and much more…

At Empower People, our commitment is to provide as much value as possible to you as a client -- and to do so with the highest levels of integrity.  Beginning with the "unlimited possibilities" in mind, we'll guide you first to envision a clear, inspiring future so that you know where you're headed.  We support you in:

  • guiding you to access your own source of inner wisdom
  • eliminating the blocks that limit you
  • enabling you to make clear, conscious choices
  • fulfilling your goals and deepest intentions

As we guide and encourage you, we hold you accountable for your actions and celebrate successes with you along the way.

Thanks for visiting and please take a few minutes to browse our site and services.  We welcome any questions, comments or feedback that you may have.

Blessings, Loree & Cliff


Loree Oberle-Edwards

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  1. Hi Loree,
    It was nice meeting you at Visions today. I’m sure we’ll cross paths again.
    Below is my contact info. I’m interested in upcoming seminars/talks.

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