On a spiritual retreat to Greece and Turkey, it seemed like every day was an adventure and a miracle of God, expressed.

While in Turkey, we set out one morning for a full day of sightseeing.  We all boarded a bus and were on our way.  When we arrived at the ruins of ancient Ephesus, the air felt thick with history and rich with images of the past.  We set off to explore many of the abundantly numerous edifices and structures.  The library, an impressive structure, still had a portion of the elaborately patterned ceiling still intact.  I was enthralled by the intricate system of plumbing in the ancient city, having channels and drains from every home.  In a large circle of  ancient “toilets”, was a meeting place for diplomats.  Apparently, it was felt that they shouldn’t be interrupted by the need to void and would just take care of their needs in the midst of conversation.  No wonder philosophy and wisdom was so rich in these times.  They had a “steady stream” of creative thoughts, no holding back!

While  exploring the sacred grounds, I jumped off a low stone foundation.  As I did so, I felt a sharp pain in my right foot.  As I checked my foot, it appeared that there was nothing to be concerned about.  I continued to walk around with no discomfort.

We then boarded the bus, to go to an ancient healing ground called Pergamon.  With a several hour trip away, the guide suggested we read or take a nap for the rest of the journey.  I began to meditate, then drifted off to sleep and started dreaming.  I dreamed about a man with a lame leg.  This man knew that in order to get in the Healing Center, he had to be in joy.  They had special jesters at the gates, to amuse the people coming in.  This man, although he was quite distraut, pretended to be laughing.  He spent two weeks there unable to break through his negativity, and left invalidated and as lame as he had entered.  I’d never had a dream like that before.  I awoke as we pulled into the parking area of Pergamon.  Coming out of a deep sleep, I became aware of my right foot throbbing.  When I went to stand up and leave the bus, I found I could not put any weight on my foot.  To my surprise, I could hop on one foot without losing my balance.  This didn’t strike me at the time, but I’m not always stable on two feet let alone one.  I hopped all the way to the bathroom and back to where everyone was gathering.  By this time, I was getting a little tired.  Some of the people standing by asked why I was hopping.  I explained that I couldn’t put any weight on the foot, and expressed my concern for getting to see the healing site.  We had been told that it was a bit of a walk.  Then, a couple the guys in the group said “Don’t worry, we will carry you.”  So, they proceeded to clasp hands and I sat across their arms throne style.  Once we got on the grounds, I saw my ankle was beginning to swell.  They brought me to area where water was flowing out of a wall, and was claimed to have healing properties.  I just let the water flow on my foot and told Cliff to take lots of pictures since I would not be able to walk around the grounds with them.  I was disappointed, but the water felt so good on my foot.  I was content to just enjoy the cool flow.

When everyone had finished, I was carried back to the bus.  We had one more stop, to view Turkish rugs.  By the time we arrived, feeling more energized, I hopped around the premises with little difficulty.

Later that evening, one of the members of our group, a chiropractor, checked my foot to see if there were any broken bones.  She said it looked to be a bad sprain.  I knew that typically for a sprain, the peak swelling would be in a couple days.  I had someone give me a healing, iced it and then drifted off to sleep for the night.

I began dreaming again, seeing the same man with the lame foot.  This time, it was different.  The man went to the gate of the healing center and this time, felt genuinely amused as he passed the jesters.  I saw him going through a tunneled path, I watched as he lay for healings, anointment of his feet, and spent time in prayer and reflection.  There in a large arena, people sang, danced and put on productions.  I understood that people usually stayed for two weeks, and I continued to watch little clips of his stay.  Finally, I watched him walk out of the gates.  No pain, no cane, no limp, healed…

The next morning, I awoke well rested.  Without thinking, I sprang out of bed and to my surprise found myself standing on both feet.  Remembering the sprain, I quickly withdrew my foot, and began to test it.  No pain, … no limp!  No swelling!  I proudly walked out, and people were amazed.  I continued the trip with no pain or swelling.  Definitely healed!

Later, Cliff showed me pictures of the grounds.  As I looked at a picture of a long tunnel, I exclaimed, “That’s the tunnel I saw in my dream!”.  Continuing to look at images of the healing site, I recognized them as the “little clips” from my dream.  I hadn’t missed seeing Pergamon afterall…






  1. Sit upright in a chair with your back straight.
  2. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.
  3. Imagine drawing clear, clean energy from the cosmos through the top of your head.
  4. Bring the sensation of the flow of cosmic energy down the back of your body along the spine.
  5. Feel it flow down towards your hips to the base of your spine, the area of your root energy center (your 1st chakra).
  6. Imagine the  cosmic energy making a U-turn and flowing from the root energy center up the front of your body.
  7. Feel the energy move all the way up through your body and out the top of your head.
  8. Imagine the energy fountaining out the top of your head, showering your body and the energy field around you.
  9. Feel the cleansing and clearing as the cosmic energy nourishes you.



  1. Run your cosmic energy daily (try running earth and cosmic energy together).
  2. Connect with nature- notice your connection to WATER at a deeper spiritual level.
  3. Drink warm water before you meditate to bring cleansing inside and out.
  4. Drink warm milk and honey to nourish and cleanse your Higher Self.
  5. Put therapeutic-grade essentials oils of lavender or peppermint in your bath.
  6. Drop a stone in a clear, still body of water and watch the endless ripples- acknowledge the limitless possibilities in your life and the impact you have on others.


How do you notice the deeper depths of your connection with water.  Have you had any interesting spiritual experiences?  I welcome your comments and shared stories of your experiences!


Loree Oberle-Edwards, MS, DD is a licensed minister, an instructor of the Chopra
Center for Well Being, and a Healing Touch Level 1 Instructor with the Healing Touch Program.  A native of San Diego, she enjoys the blessings of life with her husband Cliff and cat, Athena.

For more information, email Loree at loree@empowerpeople.com