Some years ago My husband, Cliff and I were visiting good friends in the Oakland area.  We had met this couple through an Institute where people learn to use and know that everyone has the God-given ability to see, hear and feel energies.  The wife was visiting family, and he welcomed us to stay with him for the weekend.  He had already made plans to do a fire walk and asked us if we wanted to join him.  He’d done a fire walk with the leader before and told us about his great experience.  I always felt that sounded interesting when I first heard about it.  I had heard Tony Robbins was doing fire walks and would tell people, “think green, cool moss…”  Frankly, the thought was a little scary.  I wasn’t sure that I wanted to walk in 1,200 F coals, but was ready to experience the event.

When we got there, the leader took us through several hours of preparation and emphasized how crucial this part of the process was.  It was a sacred process, and we would be working together to align with the fire.  After the discussion, I felt the energy and enthusiasm lift in the room.  We then went outside to a long strip where the fire was already burning.  We were told that we had to be an active part of this ceremony.  We were each asked to stoke the fire and rake the coals.  As we did that, we danced around the fire singing, chanting and feeling the energy heighten even more.  I still wasn’t sure if I wanted to actually walk across, yet was enjoying preparing it.

As the coals reached readiness, our leader told us how the red coals were the hottest.  Some of the others were cooling and little, yet still hot enough to burn our feet.  He said, “You’re going to want to aim for the red ones.  They’re nice and soft and feel like warm velvet.  The black ones are harder and not so soft.  As I heard this I thought, “Oh great, now I’m actually going to be aiming to step on the hottest coals!”

Our leader kept on saying how important it was to align with each other and to bring our energy in alignment with the fire.  The energy all around was palpable.  We continued to dance.  When it was time, he told us he would let us know when to start walking across the coals.  The energy continued to rise.

All of a sudden, one participant feeling the need to be first started to walk across the coals.  Others quickly followed.  People were ecstatic.  Wait, something had shifted…  Cliff started across the coals a little later.  I knew at this time that I would also be crossing the coals.  I watched the energy.  Something was off.  I sensed that some people carried thoughts of being a victim.  Somehow, they had an intention (unconscious or otherwise) to explore their deep wounds of  “getting burned”…   That wasn’t my intention!  Then I heard a clear message, “align with the fire…”  I was grateful for Divine guidance to align with the fire.  I imagined myself as a flame and felt that Power.  A Divine Spark…I was ready.

I walked across the fire, thankful for hearing about “warm velvet”, and purposefully aimed for the red, hottest coals.  For me, it certainly didn’t feel like cool, green moss.  I not only walked across once, but three times!

Afterwards, we heard that a few people did get burns.  The one person anxious to be “first”, had opened up the space to errored thoughts of pain and victimhood.  This became an opportunity to heal those old emotional wounds.  Even Cliff had felt that competition energy, feeling “I have to get out there…”  Fortunately, he had one or two small blisters that were gone the following morning after he acknowledged and cleared his “wound” from the past.

I didn’t have any redness or blisters, and was grateful for the experience.  A few weeks later, our friend called to say that he had pictures that he’d taken during the fire walk.  He said I have a great one of you ready to cross the coals.   Many of the pictures were hazy due to the multiple “orb” energy thought by many to be spirit guides or angels.


When we visited the next time, our friend was anxious to show the pictures.  He said that he had discovered something else and asked me to look at a picture of me.  I looked at the picture and saw I had just taken my first step.  Somewhat disappointed that I wasn’t in the middle of the fire walk, he said, “Look at your heel!”  The heel that hadn’t yet touched the fire path was “on fire”.  There was a flame shooting out from my heel.  I was the fire!  I am the fire, that Spark of Divinity.  Our mantra that night had been, “I can walk on fire, I can do anything I choose…”

Since then, if I feel challenged, I repeat that mantra.  If I accidently burn myself, I repeat that mantra and surround the area with healing energy.  I’ve not only felt more empowered, I haven’t experienced blisters from a burn since.  Thank you, beautiful angels and our loving God!




  1. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.
  2. Focus your awareness on the energy in your body. Your digestive tract (the fire in your belly), temperature regulation, your visual perception, your mental discrimination, the metabolism (mitochondria) in every cell of your body…
  3. With every inhale, feel your energy lighting up, and penetrating every cell of your body and field around you.
  4. With every exhale, imagine draining out any dim, heavy energies that you don’t need or don’t serve you down to the ground beneath your feet.
  5. With every breath, feel the natural “lightness” of energy within your body, transforming with vitality and vivacity.


  1. Continue Energizing Meditation daily.
  2. Connect with Nature- Notice your connection with FIRE
  3. Observe the “transformative power” in your everyday activities.
  4. Ignite your digestive fires with good, nourishing foods.
  5. Notice the value of fire to clear unwanted energy.
  6. Drink warm water with fresh ginger slices.
  7. Walk in the sun for 15 minutes.
  8. Take a moon bath.
  9. Clear clutter…



Loree Oberle-Edwards, MS, DD is a licensed minister, an instructor of the Chopra
Center for Well Being, and a Healing Touch Level 1 Instructor with the Healing Touch Program.  A native of San Diego, she enjoys the blessings of life with her husband Cliff and cat, Athena.

For more information, email Loree at