What you put your attention on, expands.  Or, you may have heard the expression, “What you believe, you receive…”  I’ve even heard that as much as 99% of our active thoughts may be unconscious.  What difference does that make?  Read on…

Several years ago, my Healing Touch practice was expanding.  I had several clients with whom I made home visits, and carried my massage table in my car.  I had a drop down passenger seat, so I could slide my massage table into the trunk.  However, my trunk was just about one inch too short to slide in my massage table without putting the back seat down.  Although the situation was working quite smoothly, I had concerns about having my massage table in the car for extended periods of time due to visibility of my table in the car and inconvenience if I had more than one passenger.  With time, I began to think more often as I put my massage table in the car, “I need a bigger trunk…”  One day, as this dialogue was repeating in my head, I heard myself replying in my mind, “I love my car… I would never get a different car…  The only way I would get a different car, is if my car was TOTALED…”  Then seconds later the caveat thought appeared, “But I don’t want to get hurt…”

About two weeks later, after a successful conference that I co-hosted, I made arrangements to bring one of the keynote speakers (one of my long-term mentors) to the airport.  As we were driving from La Jolla to the San Diego Airport, we talked about the success of the conference.  I took the exit off the freeway to go to the airport on a long street parallel to the freeway.  This is a well known exit which I had taken multiple times.  This time, for a split second, there appeared to be a curve in the street that was unfamiliar.  It was like a “blip” in a movie that you’ve seen numerous times.  This momentary shift gave me a start and I slowed down.  When everything appeared “back to normal”, I  continued to drive on.

As I came to my cross street to make a right, the light was turning red.  I stopped at the corner to look for oncoming traffic before I made a right turn.  As I did so, a large Peterbilt truck with a double carrier on the back came barreling along my left side in the second right hand lane, ran the red light and proceeded to make a right onto the cross street.  As he did, I started honking my horn.  He didn’t stop…  The cab passed me, and as I looked to the side, I could see that the double carrier (fortunately, empty) would not clear my car.

My once beautiful car!

As I heard other horns begin to blow, things started to go in slow motion.  As the first carrier began to pass, I prepared for the inevitable.  I found myself moving closer to my colleague.  Then the awful screeching noise began as the driver, still oblivious, barreled by.  The screeching of metal on metal… now, popping noises as the weight and pressure of the moving vehicle became more intense.  The car began to rock as it got shoved against the curb, and we both felt the right front tire blow under the pressure.  As the second carrier completed the turn, it took most of the front bumper with it.  After he passed, I realized the driver was not going to stop.  Somehow, I needed to catch up with him.  I could still drive the car, yet with a hanging front bumper and a flat front tire I knew I couldn’t catch up.  Then, there was traffic and I could see the truck had to slow down and stop.  Could I still reach him?

As I limped along, a mini van passed from behind me.  As I looked ahead , I saw that the truck now had a green light, and was proceeding to make a right turn a couple blocks down.  To my surprise, a passenger from the mini van jumped out of the car and began to run down the street in traffic and head toward the truck.  I inched along and finally made it to the street I’d seen him turn, and made a right.  To my relief, the truck was pulled to the side and the woman who had run down the street was talking with him.  The driver claimed that he never saw me.   The woman who risked her life to flag the truck driver down worked for Wawanesa Insurance, and knew that if the truck driver was not identified, I would be liable for the damage.  I’m so grateful she was there.

Fortunately, I was able to get his information and begin the process with his insurance company.  My car was declared “TOTALED”, since the entire front axle had been bent.  Although the autobody shop said, “We can re-build it…”, my insurance company said they would not take any responsibility if there were any issues following the repair.  After the initial shock of having to look for a new car, I realized my “unconsious intention”.  Finding the message and wisdom in my situation, I made sure I had my massage table to every dealership, until I found my new car.

This experience also gave me an opportunity to look back at other times in my life when I made unconscious intentions.  Oh yeah, there was the time when I decided I was tired of the color of my carpet.  Having purchased a premium quality carpet several years prior, the carpet was indestructible.  Although the rust color was outdated, I couldn’t justify buying new carpet.  So as I reflected on that one day,  I heard myself thinking, “I really need to get new updated carpet before I sell the house… but I don’t want to pay for it…”  Well, about a week later, my hot water heater broke!  Since my insurance covered replacement value, I was able to replace the carpet both upstairs and downstairs for the “value” to  replace the damage downstairs.

Even though I got exactly what I asked for, I was also able to see how “unconscious intentions” often have some consequences.  I’m just grateful, my higher consciousness inserted the “but I don’t want to get hurt…”  before my car was totaled.  With every obstacle, is an opportunity.  I have used all these experiences to become more conscious in my intentions.  And, I’ve even thought about writing a book entitled, “No, not that…”!



  1. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.
  2. Focus your awareness of the expansiveness of the Universe. As you focus on your breath, notice the “space” between your breaths.
  3. Recognized that your body and field around you is proportionately as void as intergalactic space.
  4. As you breath into every cell of your body, notice the gaps (space) between and within each cell through which information flows.
  5. Continue observing your breath without judgment, getting more still, more quiet, more relaxed. Feel the natural expansiveness of energy within your body.
  6. In that place of inner stillness, bring to mind something you want to experience or create.
    1. Imagine a bubble in front of you and Inside the bubble, begin to imagine what you’d like to create/have/experience (what does it look, feel, sound like). Refine the image, bringing clarity and detail to it.  Put a calendar page inside the bubble representing the date by which you want to have it fulfilled.
    2. Imagine draining out any energy and considerations of others from that bubble.  Consciously choose to release (drain) any attachments you may have as to how this intention must be fulfilled.
    3. Infuse the bubble with all of the positive, powerful creative energies you desire and choose to experience as part of the fulfillment of your intention. Insert into the bubble the thought and intention for highest good.  Fill the bubble with bright, clear gold, divine level energy and the desire for ‘this or better’ to be fulfilled.
    4. Imagine the bubble floating off into the Universe (Space) to be acted upon by the creative process.
    5. As you watch your intention drift off, give thanks in advance, expressing gratitude to the Universe for fulfilling it. Turn the flow of gratitude now to yourself, thanking yourself in advance for accepting and receiving the fulfillment of it.  Allow the gratitude to gradually shift into and combine with feelings of excitement, enthusiasm, joy and all of the other positive emotions you included in your intention.  Sit for a few minutes, basking in the gratitude and the experience of having your intention fulfilled.
    6. Take a few more deep breaths filling in any empty spaces, and open your eyes.



  1. Continue Intention Meditation daily.
  2. Connect with Nature- Notice your connection with SPACE.
  3. Listen to the space between your breaths.
  4. Drop into the gap (space) between your thoughts.
  5. Notice the expansiveness of the Universe.
  6. Gaze into space- the beauty of the night’s sky.




Loree Oberle-Edwards, MS, DD is a licensed minister, an instructor of the Chopra
Center for Well Being, and a Healing Touch Level 1 Instructor with the Healing Touch Program.  A native of San Diego, she enjoys the blessings of life with her husband Cliff and cat, Athena.

For more information, email Loree at loree@empowerpeople.com