Meditation Sampler

Meditation is a powerful means of developing spiritual awareness and insight.
It has been part of virtually all devotional practice for thousands of years.

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What Does Meditation Mean to You?

For too many people, means only sitting still with eyes closed while trying to achieve silence of the mind.  They think of it as being only one specific kind of technique.


Are you ready to experience meditation in new ways?

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”24″ font_font=”Myriad%20Pro” font_shadow=”light” left_padding=”10″]In this two-hour workshop you will:

  • Open your mind and heart to an assortment of meditative practices from many different cultures.
  • Sample seven different techniques involving physical activity, visual, auditory and olfactory input, complete silence and more.
  • Come to understand that in truth, meditation is not any specific practice – it is a state of consciousness.


Join Us to Open Your Mind and Heart to What Meditation Can Be!

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Time:  TBA
Place:  Vision Center for Spiritual Living
4780 Mission Gorge Place, Ste H, San Diego
VIRTUAL Classes/Workshops also available![/text_block]
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Space is limited so reserve now!
$20.00 Advance / $30.00 Onsite


Loree Oberle-Edwards

Your Course Leaders

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Loree Oberle-Edwards & Clifford Edwards

Loree and Cliff  have been inspiring, coaching, teaching and training others in meditation and other transformational techniques for over 25 years.  


Clifford Edwards