Your Holiday Season:
Feast or Frenzy?

Days are getting shorter, nights are getting cooler, leaves are turning.  Soon, we will be gathering for the holidays-- making plans with family and friends.  It's a time to acknowledge the passing of seasons, noting events and experiences, marking the end of another year...  

As you participate in the activities and gatherings of the holiday season, what energies do you experience and  how do you typically feel?

Do you always feel...

  • Balanced and Present?
  • Enthusiastic and Joyful?
  • Grateful and Open?
  • Connected and Clear?
  • Grounded and Calm?
  • Ready for the Loving "Feast" of Family and Friends?

Or do you often feel...

  • Rushed and Over-busy?
  • Exhausted and Annoyed?
  • Cranky and Overwhelmed?
  • Stressed and Anxious?
  • Fragmented and Distracted?
  • Caught up and feeling trapped in a "Holiday Frenzy"?

As Healing Touch Practitioners, we're equipped with awareness and tools for dealing with energy that most people don't have.  Yet even we can find ourselves being negatively affected by intense people, situations or times of year.  

What's the solution?

Now, you can find out how to gain control of your vital life force energy and feel better, stronger and more clear in your work and your life than ever before.  You can do this by learning to take charge of your personal energy levels and the field of energy that surrounds you.

This means understanding how your vital life energy works and flows in and around your body.  It’s also about knowing how to manage your personal energy levels, and easily releasing the emotions, problems, traumas and projections that you may at times take on from others...

...especially during the Holiday Season!

In the

Holidays - Feast or Frenzy

teleclass series, you’ll learn how to:

  • Simply and effectively prevent yourself from absorbing lower vibrational energies or those you might perceive as negative.
  • Employ a powerful meditation technique that will leave you feeling clean, clear and enlivened any time you use it
  • Use a few simple tools that will allow you to quickly and easily let go of energies that don't serve you or can negatively affect you.
  • Gather up and supplement your life force at any time so that you feel energized and alive!

Take charge of your emotional states and energy levels in a new and more effective way!

This convenient and easy to access Class Series starts:

Wednesday, November 5, at 6:00 PM Pacific / 9:00 PM Eastern
and continues Wednesdays Nov. 12, 19, and Dec.  3
with an optional sharing call, Nov. 26

Registration: $99.00 (special discounted rate for Healing Touch Community)

Take just a moment to...

Imagine now that you never have to remain the effect of stressful, intense, low, cranky, overwhelmed or frenzied energy states again!

How does that feel?

And imagine knowing that even if you do happen to drop into a negative state or take on someone else’s problems, emotions or struggles, that you can quickly release it all.

You can easily regain your natural state of clarity, creativity and well-being!

Make a powerful choice.

Take charge of your vital life force energies this Holiday Season and throughout the year.

Give yourself the gift of feeling better, stronger and more clear in your work and your life than ever before.