You’re a smart, conscious, caring woman who is committed to realizing your potentials, but you feel frustrated or stuck in one or more of these areas of your life…

  • Being authentically confident, visible and seen
  • Discovering and expressing your brilliance and purpose
  • Creating a thriving livelihood aligned with your values
  • Attracting a conscious loving partnership
  • Manifesting your desires for creativity, fun and play
  • Experiencing radiant health, well being
  • Deepening your spiritual connection; participating meaningfully in creating a brighter future…

I've got some good news for you...

The reason you’ve been struggling to create a life that reflects these potentials has little to do with any personal shortfall, and everything to do with how you’ve been taught to access power in this culture. To create a life that reflects these deeper potentials, you must learn how to create from your feminine power. 

Join us to discover the foundational practices for the most comprehensive training for women in the world to awaken and manifest Feminine Power with these potentials.

In this foundational training for the Feminine Power system you’re going to:

  • Unlock the three Power Centers
  • Step into a vision of life that excites and inspires you.
  • Break through the number one inner pattern that's in the way of accessing your power.
  • Discover how to connect to your intuition to create and begin to manifest your destiny.
  • Break free from your biggest barrier to receiving the support you need.
  • Experience the power of being supported by a tribe of extraordinary women!

Saturday & Sunday, Jan. 27 - 28, 2018
8:30 AM to 6:00 PM
BEP Retreat Center

14138 Hillside Drive, Jamul, CA  91935


Space is limited so reserve now!

Tuition: $397.00
Debut Special: $297.00!

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About Your Course Leader

Loree Oberle-Edwards

Loree has been inspiring, coaching, teaching and training others in healing, meditation and other transformational techniques for over 25 years.  

She is a Healing Touch Practitioner/Instructor who is also a Certified Master Integrative Life Coach, Certified Clinical Aromatherapist, Mind Body Educator and a Licensed Minister.  She is soon to be certified as a Feminine Power Coach/Facilitator/Leader with Feminine Power, founded by Claire Zammit, PhD.

Loree Oberle-Edwards