TBA- Saturdays, Fall, 2020
Vision Center for Spiritual Living
4780 Mission Gorge Place
San Diego, CA  92120


Do you sense you have greatness within you and feel a
to become all you can be? 

This yearning is the impulse to realize your Destiny.
Unlocking your Feminine Power is the KEY to bringing
forth these higher potentials.

In this 2-Day Workshop, you'll be guided step-by-step
through the acclaimed, research-based process of unlocking
your "Three Power Centers" that's worked for over
500,000 women
from more than 100 countries.


The core teachings of Feminine Power are focused on
unique principles of transformation -- Unlocking the Three
Power Centers
-- which you won't find anywhere else.

You'll be guided to break through to the next level in
8 Key Areas of Feminine Self-Actualization including:

- authentic confidence & visibility
- attracting or deepening loving relationships
- discovering your purpose
- expanding your prosperity
- deepening your connection to a higher power
- amplifying your power to impact the world with your gifts


Through Your Relationship To:

Do You Struggle to Feel Successful, Secure & Self-Expressed?

I've got some good news for you...

The reason you’ve been struggling to create a life that reflects these potentials has little to do with any personal shortfall, and everything to do with how you’ve been taught to access power in this culture. To create a life that reflects these deeper potentials, you must learn how to create from your feminine power. 

Join us to discover the foundational practices for the most comprehensive training for women in the world to awaken and manifest Feminine Power with these potentials.

In this foundational training for the Feminine Power system
you’re going to:

  • Unlock the three Power Centers
  • Step into a vision of life that excites and inspires you.
  • Break through the number one inner pattern that's in the way of accessing your power.
  • Discover how to connect to your intuition to create and begin to manifest your destiny.
  • Experience the power of being supported by a tribe of extraordinary women!

TBA- Saturdays, Fall, 2020
9:00 AM to 4:30 PM

Vision Center for Spiritual Living
4780 Mission Gorge Place, Suite H
San Diego, CA  92120

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Tuition: $594.00
Limited Time Special: $197.00!

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About Your Course Leader

Loree K. Oberle-Edwards, DD

Loree has been inspiring, coaching, teaching and training others in healing, meditation and other transformational techniques for over 25 years.  

She is a Certified Feminine Power Coach/Facilitator/Leader, who is also a Certified Master Integrative Life Coach, Healing Touch Practitioner/Instructor, Certified Clinical Aromatherapist, Mind Body Educator and a Licensed Minister.  Feminine Power was founded by Claire Zammit,  PhD., Evolving Wisdom, LLC.

Loree Oberle-Edwards