What is Your Perfect Health and Wholeness?

Join a

Women’s Health & Wholeness Circle!

Thursday, May 16, 6:30 – 8:30 PM

How often do you really take the time to listen to your body?
What have you been telling yourself (believing) about your Health and Vitality?
How do your feeling states effect your health and others?
How do you learn to trust the communication from your BodyMindSpirit?

Experience the power and flow of the Wholeness in the Universe:

  • Listen to your inner voice and wisdom.
  • Break through the hidden beliefs about BodyMindSpirit.
  • Feel into your body’s communication and increase harmony, balance and wholeness.
  • Sense into your “gut” feelings and yearnings and share your insights.
  • Support and be supported by conscious, like-minded women!

About Your Facilitator:

Loree Oberle-Edwards, DD, CMICP/L, HTCP/I, CCA, CFPC/L

Loree has been inspiring, coaching, teaching and training others in healing, meditation and other transformational techniques for over 25 years.  

Loree is a Certified Feminine Power Coach/Leader, who is also a Certified Master Integrative Coach/Leader, a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner/Instructor, Certified Clinical Aromatherapist, Mind Body Educator and Licensed Minister.  She is soon to be certified as a Feminine Power Facilitator with Feminine Power, founded by Claire Zammit, PhD.

For information, contact Loree @ 858 504-2050 or loree@empowerpeople.com.

Loree Oberle-Edwards